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Welcome to Timothy's World Coffee Online Food Safety training program hosted by TrainCan, Inc. Timothy's requirement for all Operators is that before you can graduate from the Operator training program, you MUST have a valid and recognized Safe Food Handler Certificate which Timothy's has stated will be the BASICS.fst course unless you will be operating in the city of Winnipeg or the Province of Alberta. If you will be operating in Alberta or the City of Winnipeg, please contact your local public health unit and inquire about their next food safety training class.

As part of Timothy's World Coffee, you can write your certificate exam while you are in Toronto for the Operator training period. To qualify for this option you MUST have completed your online studies prior to arriving in Toronto. 

Note: If you are going to be the Operator of a store located in Winnipeg or the Province of Alberta, you MUST have your certificate or proof of certification before arriving in Toronto.

The Cost is $65.00 CAD (Canadian Currency) payable by VISA/MasterCard/American Express. This fee includes your course, exam, certificate, and exam proctor.

Depending on where you will be operating, the course may vary so please pay close attention to the following details.


BC  British Columbia
AB  Alberta
ON  Ontario
SK  Saskatchewan
MB  Manitoba
PEI  Prince Edward Island
NS  Nova Scotia
NB  New Brunswick
NFL  Newfoundland/Labrador
NWT  Northwest Territories
NU  Nunavut 
YU  Yukon


BC BASICS.fst (British Columbia specific)
N/A - Must use Public Health (Click here for AB page)


If this is your first time visiting this page, please take a moment and fill out the following fields to assist us in finding you an exam centre. You will then be directed to the purchase page. Please remember, if you are going to be operating in British Columbia, the course you will select will be "BC BASICS.fst". If you are in all other areas you will select the course called "BASICS.fst (Exam Prepatory)". Thank you.

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