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Recognized Food Safety Training for the Canadian Culinary Institute


Management Level (classroom only)


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Based on the Canadian Food Retail and Food Services Regulation and Code, Health Canada and CFIA, ADVANCED.fstŪ is a nationally recognized food safety training certification course. Available in French and English, this management level course provides an intensive review of safe food handling practices in Canada. The course book guides learners through various food safety training topics, including Micro-organisms, Employee Hygiene, The Flow of Food, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Pest Management and HACCP

ADVANCED.fstŪ - Manager Level Course Book for Food Safety Training (Answer Sheet Included)


ADVANCED.fstŪ Answer Sheet Only (Re-Test)


ADVANCED.fst Ū Course Book only


ADVANCED.fstŪ Lapel Pins


ADVANCED.fstŪ Instructor, BEST VALUE Trainers Kit (French and English)
(Includes: Teaching Guide, Power Point Presentation, Practice Exam and Answer Key, Scantron how- to video file)


ADVANCED.fstŪ one or two day in class training session with approved TrainCan trainer (course book included)

$250.00 to $350.00