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Metro, Sobeys among companies called out for not doing enough to reduce harmful chemicals;
; April 10, 2021

FDA continues fight against animal contamination of leafy greens;; April 6, 2021

Tim Hortons, Metro among retailers in new report toxic chemicals hall of shame;; April 5, 2021

Canada: Botulism cases in Nunavik linked to walrus meat;; April 3, 2021

Cyanide poisoning possible, Health Canada warns in recall for sold-in-B.C. product;; April 2, 2021

Hopping toward food safety this Easter;; March 29, 2021

Canada’s Grocery Industry Looking To Establish ‘Code Of Practice’;; March 29, 2021

Grocery and manufacturing leaders join forces to promote fairness and transparency in Canadian food retail industry;; March 25, 2021

B.C. boy permanently brain damaged after eating lettuce contaminated with E. coli;; March 21, 2021

Canada’s First Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Program;; March 19, 2021

Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Introducing Canada’s First Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Program;; March 17, 2021

What Quick-Serves Need to Know About Ensuring Food Safety. Every brand wants to promote safety, both for employees and customers.;; March 17, 2021

Huh. COVID-19 science and the uncertainty dance;; March 16, 2021

The recent supreme court decision on the deadliest foodborne disease outbreak in Canadian history;; March 16, 2021

Niagara College Launching Beverage Business Management Program;; March 15, 2021

What you need to know about COVID-19 in B.C. for March 15;; March 15, 2021

COVID-19 one year later: Canadians have more faith in the food industry than in each other, report suggests;; March 10, 2021

Recipe Unlimited system sales fall amid dining room closures and seating restrictions;; March 5, 2021

Government of Canada invests $16.9 million to improve worker safety and strengthen the food supply chain in British Columbia;; March 5, 2021

Food Allergy Canada announces it is accepting nominations for this years Robyn Allen Leadership Award;; March 4, 2021

RC Show 2021 ONLINE LIVE: Day Two Wrap-Up;; March 3, 2021

New salad washing method shows positive results Research shows ultrasonic cleaning could reduce instances of food poisoning in salads;; March 3, 2021

Canadas Buttergate prompts dairy group to ask farmers to stop using palm oil in cow feed;; February 26, 2021

Lot Codes For Food Tracing: How Are They Used?;; February 25, 2021

Restaurants Canada Partners with Uber Eats to Distribute $1 Million to Restaurants;; February 22, 2021

COVID pandemic can lead to better food safety, if you get the right information;; February 20, 2021

Public health discovers egg-related salmonella outbreak in N.S., N.L. following investigation;; February 19, 2021

Australian breakthrough is the new alternative to milk pasteurization;
; February 16, 2021

Ontario Returning 27 Public Health Regions to Strengthened COVID-19 Framework;; February 12, 2021

I’ve Been Working as a Line Cook During COVID, and I Honestly Love My Job. In his first Restaurant Diary entry, Peter Steckler shares how he found his calling in the middle of the pandemic.;; February 10, 2021

Government of Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen CFIA;; February 9, 2021

How Antimicrobial Nanotubes in Packaging Can Revolutionize Food Safety;; February 5, 2021

Egg Farmers of Canada congratulates Tim Hortons on extending the Egg Quality Assurance™ certification program to restaurants across Canada with its freshly cracked eggs menu;; February 3, 2021

BCIT Student Surveys; (The BC Food Protection Association Executive Board); February 2, 2021

FSA stresses ‘use by’ date importance after food waste campaign confusion;; February 2, 2021

Health Canada recalls several hand sanitizers due to health risks; The affected products are sold under various product and company names.;; February 2, 2021

The Pandemic Is Heading Toward a Strange In Between Time. Americans can plan for the pandemic’s end in the fall. What happens between now and then?;; February 2, 2021

COVID pandemic can lead to better food safety, if you get the right information;; February 1, 2021

Local health unit addresses food safety during the pandemic;; February 1, 2021

Coronavirus: What is happening in Canada and around the world on Jan. 31;; January 31, 2021

Is food safety just a scam?;; January 29, 2021

Salmon product sold in Alberta recalled due to possible Listeria risk;; January 28, 2021

Federal Government Launches Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program;; January 27, 2021

Our poultry safety regulation isn’t working: It’s past time to fix it;; January 25, 2021

Researchers explore Campylobacter resistance in chickens;; January 23, 2021

Government of Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen Canadian Food Inspection Agency;
; January 22, 2021

Government of Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen Canadian Food Inspection Agency;; January 22, 2021

Foodborne diseases kill thousands of Americans each year. Tracing food with genetically engineered spores could help.;; January 19, 2021

Concerns over food safety surge amid raging COVID-19 pandemic;; January 17, 2021

Ontario Returns to State of Emergency;; January 13, 2021

Quebec Enters Province-Wide Lockdown, Introduces Curfew;; January 11, 2021

RCMP launch criminal probe into COVID-19 death tied to massive Alberta meat plant outbreak. Case marks Canada's first known police investigation into workplace COVID-19 fatality;; January 11, 2021

Belle Grove brand Whole White Mushrooms Recalled in Canada Due to Toxic Contamination;; January 11, 2021

Consumers worry about food safety;; January 7, 2021

Researchers hope to help solve foodborne illness outbreaks quicker;; January 6, 2021

The work of food safety continues in 2021;; January 6, 2021

Nova Scotia Re-Opens In-Person Dining in Halifax;; January 4, 2021

Retirement Announcement - Sylvanus Thompson;
Toronto Public Health; January 3, 2021

Are E. coli really becoming more heat resistant?;; December 31, 2020

foodborne outbreaks continue in 2020;; December 30, 2020

Restaurants left scrambling after B.C. orders early nightcap on New Years Eve liquor sales;; December 30, 2020

Ontario Expected to Enter Province-Wide Lockdown Christmas Eve;; December 21, 2020

To avoid pathogens, avoid raw meat, eggs, egg nog and flour this holiday season;; December 21, 2020

Levitts, Compliments brand deli meats recall expanded over possible Listeria contamination;; December 16, 2020

Food safety expert dishes out tips for holiday baking;; December 16, 2020

The Need for End-to-End Visibility in Food Supply Chains;; December 15, 2020

News Release Governments Improve Food Safety in Ontarios Licensed Meat Plants;; December 15, 2020

Canada and the Coronavirus Vaccine: Here’s What It Means. Who gets its first? Is it safe? And just how soon will life return to normal? As Canada vaccinates its first citizens, here are answers to some common questions.;; December 14, 2020

Government of Canada protects Canadians against food fraud in honey and other products;; December 7, 2020

Eggs sold in N.L. recalled due to salmonella. Product from Hilly Acres Farm sold under 2 brands, dates between Dec. 27 and Jan. 10;; December 3, 2020

New book ‘Tainted’ tells the real life stories behind the food safety headlines;; December 2, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 and the Risk to Food Safety;; December 1, 2020

Daily Bread Food Bank cancels holiday drive but is still encouraging people to donate food, money;; December 1, 2020

Ontario Proposes Cap on Delivery Fees;; November 30, 2020

NASA Apollo program helped boost US food safety;; November 30, 2020

Should Alberta restaurants post health inspection rankings publicly?;; November 25, 2020

Study looks at data from first documented E. coli flour outbreak in Canada;; November 24, 2020

Canada E. coli Romaine Lettuce Update – Import Restrictions are Working;; November 20, 2020

Recipe Unlimited Launches Restaurant-Brand Marketplace;; November 18, 2020

Raising our voice for local restaurants Tell your MPP that restaurants need an industry survival taskforce;; November 16, 2020

Investigation into outbreak ends with cross-contamination in crosshairs;; November 14, 2020

Hamilton will publicly name businesses that break COVID-19 rules;; November 12, 2020

Maple Leaf Foods catches a break in Supreme Court of Canada;; November 10, 2020

The faces of public health: Meet Phil Wong, health inspector who has had one day off since March;; October 27, 2020

COVID-19 has turned the restaurant industry upside down. Is it time to rethink regulations around home food businesses;; October 25, 2020

Difference Between Health Canada and Public Health Agency Of Canada Is Small But Important They are more like cousins than siblings.;; October 24, 2020

Half of consumers believe food safety is one of main global issues;; October 18, 2020

Raw oysters from Canada’s eastern coastal waters blamed for Vibrio outbreak;; October 17, 2020

Growers hope to reverse Canada’s near ban on romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley.;; October 15, 2020

As parts of Canada tighten COVID restrictions, experts say rapid testing offers a way forward;; October 11, 2020

Eggs sold in N.L., N.S. recalled due to salmonella;; October 10, 2020

Canadian romaine requirement could be a costly precedent;; October 9, 2020

Food safety culture: What to do now that everyone is watching?;; October 4, 2020

Saskatchewan’s provincial government published guidelines for Canadian Thanksgiving 2020;; October 3, 2020

Unpacking Food Safety in a World of Coronavirus;; October 3, 2020

CFIA tightens restrictions on romaine lettuce imports following E. coli outbreaks Social Sharing Importers must show product is not from Salinas Valley or is free of E. coli;; October 3, 2020

Montreal’s Restaurants and Bars Will Close for 28 Days, Starting October 1;; September 29, 2020

Toronto Public Health orders 3 restaurants to close to slow COVID-19 spread;; September 26, 2020

Anyone can become sick. More than 500 illnesses and 71 hospitalizations reported as Salmonella outbreak in Canada grows Canadian health officials warning residents;; September 26, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 7 restaurants and food sellers get conditional pass;; September 23, 2020

Why Covid-19 Patients Are Suffering From Distorted and Phantom Smells. An increasing number of patients are reporting awful scents that aren’t present;; September 21, 2020

4 Ways to Enhance Food Safety Culture Plans to Meet the Demands of 2020 and Beyond;; September 17, 2020

How to Improve Food Safety in 2020;; September 15, 2020

Canada posts new patient count in onion outbreak nothing new reported by U.S. for two weeks;; September 14, 2020

Tune into these important food safety tips for cooked potatoes;; September 14, 2020

Throw it away and wash your hands. Salmonella outbreak in Canada growing, leaving close to 500 people sick and dozens hospitalized One individual has died, but it is not known if salmonella contributed to the cause of death;; September 13, 2020

Adults With COVID-19 Twice As Likely To Have Eaten At Restaurants, CDC Study Finds;; September 11, 2020

You are Eating Plastic in Every Bite of This Food, New Research Finds;; September 6, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 restaurant closed, 3 given conditional pass this week;; September 2, 2020

Food waste increasing as more Canadians eat at home;; September 1, 2020

Canadian company recalls microgreens due to possible Salmonella contamination;; August 31, 2020

Calgary chicken processing plant will remain open after COVID-19 outbreak. The facility, which had another outbreak in April, employs about 450 people;; August 29, 2020

Restaurants near University of Waterloo plagued with poor inspection results;; August 28, 2020

Peach recall spreads to Canada as Salmonella outbreak continues;; August 23, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus Can Survive On Frozen Meat And Fish For Up To 3 Weeks, Study Finds;; August 23, 2020

When it comes to food safety, keep an eye on that potato salad;; August 22, 2020

Number of people in Canada who became ill from salmonella linked to onions rises: health agency;; August 15, 2020

Why you should not be worried about getting the coronavirus from food;; August 13, 2020

CFIA adds Krown brand onions to Salmonella recall;; August 13, 2020


Restaurant Revolution: How The Industry Is Fighting To Stay Alive;; August 7, 2020

Public health alert: More onions recalled Canada-wide due to Salmonella;; August 5, 2020

Measuring Food Safety Culture;; August 4, 2020

Serving guests with food allergy during COVID-19;; August 3, 2020

Wendys Canada Introduces Greenhouse-Grown Lettuce in Full Canadian Menu;; August 2, 2020

Some U.S.-grown onions recalled in Canada over salmonella concerns;; August 2, 2020

When you know how much you don’t know you can begin to look at COVID-19;; July 30, 2020

COVID-19 Bars, nightclubs alter their business models to stay afloat. Dr. Bonnie Henry tightened rules for bars and restaurants last week, so patrons must sit at a table, and there is no liquor self service or dancing.;; July 27, 2020

Dozens of people in B.C. have been hit with Salmonella infections;; July 27, 2020

Public Health Notice - Outbreak of Salmonella infections under investigation;
; July 24, 2020

As Canadians flee cities, food sector recalibrates Grocery retailers must come to terms with serving a shifting population. And restaurants face learning to be more flexible;; July 24, 2020

Bats and maybe some scaly anteaters likely caused COVID-19 pandemic and they could do it again;; July 23, 2020

Most of the GTA Moves to Stage Three on Friday;; July 22, 2020

Raw is risky: Why salads are the biggest source of food poisoning and what to do to avoid it;; July 20, 2020

Toronto asks for additional measures for restaurant, bars, indoor dining ahead of Stage 3 reopening. Mayor John Tory makes 6 recommendations, including customer logs, staff screening, early closure times;; July 19, 2020

COVID-19: Health Canada recalls 23 hand sanitizers brands. Multiple types of unauthorized industrial-grade ethanol have been found in hand sanitizer products;; July 15, 2020

Demand for robot cooks rises as kitchens combat COVID-19;; July 14, 2020

Salmonella in the gut may cause neurological diseases like Parkinsons;; July 12, 2020

Food recall: These soups sold in Montreal should not be eaten if not kept refrigerated;; July 11, 2020

Food recall: Five types of mustard did not have sulphites, a potential allergen, listed among ingredients;; July 10, 2020

Should Canadians worry about the arrival of more U.S. dairy under CUSMA?;; July 8, 2020

Serving guests with food allergy during COVID-19;; July 8, 2020

Public Health Notice: Outbreak of Cyclospora infections linked to salad products;; July 8, 2020

Global push critical to prevent, fight pandemics; food safety one key factor;; July 8, 2020

Has COVID-19 ruined birthday candles? One expert thinks so;; July 3, 2020

Following Tuckers Marketplace permanent closure, are buffets off the table for good?;; June 26, 2020

Almost 300 public health inspections so far for P.E.I. businesses;; June 23, 2020

Toronto restaurateur launches product to help restaurants navigate the flood of COVID-19 health and safety guidelines;; June 22, 2020

At least 4 Edmonton restaurants close temporarily because of COVID-19;; June 22, 2020

Canada: Eat, Drink, And Be Aware: A Primer For Re-Opening Ontario Food And Drink Establishments;; June 22, 2020

COVID-19: Reduce Virus Spread;; June 19, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak at B.C. fast-food restaurant a wake-up call;; June 17, 2020

How some nightclubs plan to reopen in B.C.;; June 17, 2020

Governments must play active role in food safety – expert;; June 16, 2020

Health Canada recalls unsafe hand sanitizer products;; June 16, 2020

Food Fraud Quick Bites. Fraud Is the Spice Of Life;; June 16, 2020

COVID-19: Vancouver restaurateur who fought to survive virus now fighting for healthier food;; June 11, 2020

Romaine lettuce targeted in Canada food safety hoax;; June 10, 2020

Alberta Provides More Help for Restaurants;; June 8, 2020

These hand sanitizers are being recalled Canada-wide due to health risks;;; June 7, 2020

The end of the buffet as we know it?;; June 6, 2020

U of G Food Safety Expert Discusses Patio Season;; June 5, 2020

New Technology Eases the Stress of Monitoring Food and Refrigeration Temperatures;; June 1, 2020

‘The numbers don’t lie:’ Restaurant owners feel toll over coronavirus closures;; May 31, 2020

Alberta partners with fast-food chains to offer free masks at drive-thrus;; May 29, 2020

Bill Marler On Food Safety and COVID-19;; May 29, 2020

Rethinking menus to help restaurants enhance safety when they reopen;; May 27, 2020

Toronto entrepreneurs shine a new light on grocery disinfection;; May 26, 2020

Overview identifies difficulties in preventing food fraud;; May 26, 2020

Safety First. Restaurant Food Handling in the New Environment;; May 25, 2020

FDA. Grazing Cows Likely Cause Of E. Coli Outbreaks Linked To Salinas Valley Romaine Lettuce;; May 22, 2020

Mad scramble Toronto restaurant sector sees flurry of dealmaking amid closures, struggles to pay rent;; May 20, 2020

Subway Franchise Owners implement enhanced health and cleaning standards, easy ordering, and Under $5 Value Menu as doors reopen for guests;; May 19, 2020

Don’t believe food safety myths;; May 16, 2020

40 food inspectors in Canada, including 21 in Alberta, have COVID-19, union says;; May 13, 2020

Kaléo Announces ALLERJECT® (epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injector Will Be Available for Canadians at Risk for Anaphylaxis Starting May 19, 2020;; May 12, 2020

Spices may reduce E. .coli O157;; May 12, 2020

New health concerns as economy opens up;; May 11, 2020

Has the new coronavirus mutated to be more contagious. Experts weigh in;; May 8, 2020

Canada and Ontario Take Additional Steps to Protect Agri-Food Workers During COVID-19 Investment will help ensure the continued supply of healthy meat products;; May 8, 2020

Researchers investigate role of farming in evolution of Campylobacter;; May 6, 2020

Letter to The Editor: Reopening restaurants with digital handwashing;; May 6, 2020

New Freeze-Resistant Trichinella Species Discovered;; May 6, 2020

Grocery shopping is no longer fun. Poll reveals changing relationship with food;; May 5, 2020

Every Canadian is now watching Cargill. Meatpacking plant to reopen despite pleas from union;; May 4, 2020

The latest developments on COVID-19 in Canada;; May 4, 2020

Why Cockroaches Are a Problem;; May 3, 2020

Alberta’s Meat Plant Workers Share Their Fears and Anger As Cargill prepares to reopen, voices from the frontlines of Canada’s largest COVID-19 outbreak.;
the; May 2, 2020

These are the meat plants in Canada affected by the coronavirus outbreak;; April 30, 2020

Why open a restaurant during a pandemic? Two Edmonton owners explain;; April 30, 2020

Letter: Gloves and masks only work when used properly;; April 28, 2020

No need to wipe down groceries or takeout, experts say, but do wash your hands;; April 28, 2020

How COVID-19 will change the way restaurants run;; April 27, 2020

A Step-by-Step Playbook for Reopening Your Restaurant. Follow these tips from the National Restaurant Association when it is time to get back to business.;; April 27, 2020

Coronavirus lingers in the air of crowded spaces, study finds;; April 27, 2020

Food Safety During the Pandemic. Comprehensive programs at our plants ensure our products are safe to consume.;; April 25, 2020

Plan in the works for safe re-opening of B.C. restaurants A group representing independent restaurants, chains, and franchises will present a preliminary plan to the province next week;; April 24, 2020

Calgary restaurant ordered to close for offering dine-in, shisha service. Activities could promote spread of COVID-19, order stated;
; April 24, 2020

Calgary restaurant ordered to close for offering dine-in, shisha service. Activities could promote spread of COVID-19, order stated;; April 24, 2020

Chipotle boasts of food safety culture during the coronavirus pandemic as it pays out $25 million fine for food poisoning-related crimes from 2015-2018;; April 23, 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and food safety;; April 22, 2020

Sysco Canada Launches Sysco@HOME;; April 21, 2020

Can You Eat Expired Eggs? Food Safety Experts Weigh In. You might want to hold off on that omelet.;; April 18, 2020

Canada differs from U.S. on inspection approach during coronavirus pandemic;; April 18, 2020

Health officials restrict northern volunteers from handing out hot meals to truckers;; April 16, 2020

Canadians asked to support local restaurants every Wednesday on Canada Takeout Day;; April 15, 2020

WHO and EU Commission publish coronavirus food safety advice;; April 14, 2020

Does cooking food kill coronavirus? Food safety experts weigh in;; April 13, 2020

No, You Do Not Need To Disinfect Your Groceries. But Heres How To Shop Safely;
; April 12, 2020

Virtual Reality Set To Modernize Food Safety Training;; April 8, 2020

What We Know – And Don’t Know – About Food Safety And COVID-19;; April 8, 2020

COVID-19 food safety: Separating the myths from the facts What food safety practices should you adopt during the COVID-19 pandemic? A professor of food science dispels the myths;; April 7, 2020

How to safely shop for groceries during COVID-19 pandemic;; April 6, 2020

Food safety a good practice amid COVID-19 concerns. BC Centre for Disease Control offers useful food safe information for households;
; April 4, 2020

Vibrio increase concerns lead to risk assessment;; April 3, 2020

Managing food safety in the time of COVID-19;; April 3, 2020

Heres what experts say about disinfecting your food shopping after a supermarket trip;; April 2, 2020

7-Eleven installs plexiglass sneeze guards across Canada April 2, 2020;; April 2, 2020

Restaurant Seafood Supplier Provides Home Delivery in Toronto;; April 1, 2020

Drive-thrus and social distancing. Customers are not always respecting the risk they are bringing to service people.;; April 1, 2020

Answers to Common Questions About Coronavirus and the Food You Eat Food safety experts address 12 top concerns;; April 1, 2020

What You Need to Know Today About the Virus Outbreak;
nytimes.ccom; March 31, 2020

Staying Emotionally and Physically Healthy During COVID-19 Find connection, inner calm, and health in the midst of the pandemic.;; March 31, 2020

Licensed Ontario Bars, Restaurants Can Sell Alcohol with Takeout and Delivery Food;; March 30, 2020

Safety procedures change as fast food chains put more focus on drive-through;; March 30, 2020

What the Ebola Outbreak Could Teach Us About How to Contain the Novel Coronavirus. New study underscores the importance of public engagement and trust during health crises;; March 27, 2020

WARREN: For Canada to get this through, we must hope the U.S. does as well;; March 27, 2020

Proper handwashing requires proper tools: Alton Brown’s handwashing tutorial is funny, informative, and a little bit gory;; March 27, 2020

Are your packages safe? Alberta government developing COVID-19 delivery guidelines;; March 26, 2020

How Do We Prevent the Next Outbreak? Our planning needs to take account of the complex interconnections among species, ecosystems and human society;; March 25, 2020

Experts Ponder Causes of New Yorks Breathtaking Outbreak;; March 25, 2020

New outbreak, familiar anxieties: Stanford historian examines yellow fever outbreak in 19th-century New Orleans;; March 25, 2020


‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold in past 40 years;; March 24, 2020

Apocalypse is nigh and people are worried about what to wipe their asses with;; March 24, 2020

Recipe Unlimited Responds to Covid-19;; March 24, 2020

Scientists find evidence of huge increase in parasitic worms found in raw seafood dishes;; March 23, 2020

Food processors in Canada boost employee pay amid COVID-19 pandemic;; March 23, 2020

Coronavirus: Whats Happening in Canada and around the world on March 23;; March 23, 2020

The latest developments on COVID-19 in Canada;; March 22, 2020

Letter from the Editor: Foodborne illness lessons for the pandemic;; March 22, 2020

Go above and beyond standard health and safety measures: Labour minister tells Canadian employers;; March 21, 2020

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide;; March 20, 2020

A takeout food safety timeline, from the restaurant kitchen to your dining room table;; March 20, 2020

DINE SAFE YORK: Markham eatery temporarily shuttered by York Region health officials;; March 19, 2020

Can Coronavirus Spread Through Food? Heres What To Know To Stay Safe; by Cianna Garrison; March 19, 2020

FDA answers food safety questions regarding COVID-19;; March 19, 2020

Can I get the virus from handling mail? Answering readers’ COVID-19 questions;; March 18, 2020

Coronavirus in Canada: how to get tested, what the symptoms are, where to get help;
; March 18, 2020

Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis;; March 16, 2020

Allergens: Where Food Safety and Labeling Intersect;; March 16, 2020

Violence towards educators increasing across Canada Teachers bitten, kicked, threatened and harassed in the classroom;; March 16, 2020

As coronavirus spreads, is it still safe to use food delivery services?;; March 16, 2020

How Long Will the Coronavirus Outbreak and Shutdown Last?;; March 16, 2020

Vancouver mayor asks residents not to go to bars and restaurants if they can’t keep one-metre social distancing;; March 16, 2020

Should I go to the gym? Should I go to a restaurant? Your guide to staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic;; March 15, 2020

Ways the coronavirus outbreak could end, according to experts;; March 14, 2020

Sobeys recalls Asian vegetable mix possibly contaminated with salmonella, could cause fever, vomiting;; March 13, 2020

Food safety expert: “not time to panic” about food in wake of coronavirus outbreak;; March 13, 2020

COVID-19: Managing stress during an outbreak;; March 13, 2020

How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus When Grocery Shopping. Here are precautions to take whether you shop in-store or online;; March 12, 2020

Coronavirus concerns: Is it time to change the way shoppers handle produce?;; March 12, 2020

Chicken main source of salmonella;; March 12, 2020

Fast Food Lobby Group: Workers With ‘Coughs’ and ‘Runny Noses’ Can Still Work During Coronavirus Pandemic (Infectious disease specialists do NOT agree!);; March 11, 2020

Ghost kitchens: Virtual restaurants for food delivery services;; March 11, 2020

Dine out or eat in during the coronavirus crisis? Here is what public health and food safety experts say;; March 11, 2020

A Recipe for Disaster: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Safety and the Food Industry;; March 11, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 19 restaurants get conditional passes this week;
; March 11, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 19 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; March 11, 2020

Column: As coronavirus spreads, how safe is a trip to the supermarket?;; March 10, 2020

Is That Tomato Raw or Ready-to-Eat?;; March 10, 2020

Researchers develop new method to detect E. coli;; March 10, 2020

COVID-19: B.C. announces Canada’s first coronavirus death;; March 9, 2020

Deadly viruses are no match for plain, old soap — here’s the science behind it;; March 9, 2020

Tim Hortons Announces Changes to Roll Up the Rim To Win in Light of Current Public-Health Environment;; March 9, 2020

How to self-quarantine during coronavirus outbreak;; March 7, 2020

Starbucks Exposure Shows Fast Food’s Vulnerability to Covid-19;; March 7, 2020

DINE SAFE PEEL: Conditional passes given to 11 Mississauga and Brampton restaurants;; March 5, 2020

FDA reveals 2020 plan to increase food safety of leafy greens;; March 5, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 23 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; March 4, 2020

The proactive restaurant owner’s guide to coronavirus;; March 4, 2020

Coronavirus fears: Empty shelves as Canadians heed health ministers advice to stock up;; March 3, 2020

Learning from the past and looking to the future with Frank Yiannas;; March 3, 2020

Reducing campy in poultry processing;; March 3, 2020

Charlebois: Coronavirus, Corona beer and risk-averse consumers;; March 2, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Timeline Fast Facts;; March 2, 2020

Food safety expert: Color not always indicator of safe ground beef;; March 1, 2020

Who is keeping an eye on your food? Waterloo region performs more than 6,000 food safety inspections annually;; March 1, 2020

Can Lysol and Clorox products kill the novel coronavirus? The answer is ... complicated;; February 29, 2020

DINE SAFE PEEL: 6 Mississauga and Brampton restaurants receive warnings following inspection;; February 27, 2020

Getting Your Workplace Ready For COVID-19;; February 27, 2020

Silani Mozzarella Ball Recalled in Canada for Generic E. coli;; February 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Food Safety – Can The Virus Be Passed On Through Food?;; February 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Food Safety – What Can Food Workers Do?;; February 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Food Safety - What can food business owners/managers do?;; February 21, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 11 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; February 20, 2020

Don’t overlook the role of handwashing in food safety;; February 19, 2020

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and Food Safety: A Time for Facts, Not Panic;; February 18, 2020

Did You Know a Cockroach Could Survive for a Month without Its Head? It’s true. Now let’s discuss five facts about roaches that are sure to push you to sharpen your pest management plan.;; February 17, 2020

Canada using CETA to attack European food safety rules, new documents reveal;; February 12, 2020

WHO chimes in: Risk of Vibrio;; February 12, 2020

40 percent of food in America ends up in the trash. Is nanopackaging the answer? Consumer habits aren’t enough to curb the impacts of food waste;; February 9, 2020

Food Tech News: KFC Canada Partners with Alexa, Blockchain and a New Peanut Allergy Drug;; February 8, 2020

Few things are as sure a bet as handwashing; restaurants should act now;; February 7, 2020

U.S. FDA approves first treatment for kids with peanut allergy. Palforzia is a specially prepared peanut powder taken daily at gradually increasing amounts;; February 5, 2020

Old Techniques Meet Modern Technology Breakthroughs in technology improve time-honoured dry aging traditions;; February 4, 2020

Recall issued for bottled clams sold at Acadian Peninsula campsite;; February 2, 2020

Raw eggs a potential problem in Spaghetti alla carbonara;; February 2, 2020

Lettuce research, pathogen control pursued on academic, industry fronts;; January 31, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 24 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; January 30, 2020

Robot use expected to rise in food and beverage industry;; January 28, 2020

Should Alberta restaurants be required to post health violations?;; January 28, 2020

9 tips to avoid illness from salad greens;; January 27, 2020

Trust but verify: Food fraud is hidden in plain sight;; January 27, 2020

Sanitizer found in milk; one person sick with recall underway;; January 26, 2020

Information Update - Health Canada sets new cyanide limit to mitigate risks associated with eating apricot kernels;; January 24, 2020

DINE SAFE PEEL: 5 conditional passes for Mississauga, Brampton restaurants;; January 23, 2020

Food fraud is hidden in plain sight: Opinion;; January 22, 2020

Salmonella persisters on chicken;; January 20, 2020

Ontario (that’s in Canada): Food safety inspection programs;; January 19, 2020

Montreal bread recalled because it may contain pieces of wood;; January 18, 2020

Rappel de pain de la Boulangerie Elmont;; January 18, 2020

Here’s the poop on the Poop Café;; January 18, 2020

CFIA: New Federal Food Safety Requirements Now in Force For Fresh Fruits or Vegetables;; January 17, 2020

More to plastics story than just checkout bags;; January 17, 2020

Origins of mad cow disease;; January 17, 2020

We’re all hosts on a viral planet: Phages to control Salmonella;; January 17, 2020


Governments of Canada and Ontario Take Steps to Improve Food Safety Funding will support Ontario meat processors to continue to deliver safe, high-quality products;; January 16, 2020

14 Toronto Restaurants Have Already Faced Health Infractions In 2020 All over the city!; by Dave Flaherty; January 15, 2020

Timeline of Three Romaine E. coli O157:H7 Outbreaks;; January 10, 2020

9 Common Food Safety Mistakes That Can Make You Sick;; January 10, 2020

Only 34% of operators very confident they can identify food safety concerns;; January 9, 2020

Ensuring Food Safety at Large-Scale Events;; January 8, 2020

Food Safety Priorities and Plans for 2020;; January 8, 2020

Five policies you need to enforce with your restaurant employees;; January 7, 2020

New research will broaden Canada’s ability to identify strains of oyster-related illnesses;; January 7, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Food Safety: Hype vs. Reality;; January 7, 2020

What Happens If You Eat Mold?;; January 7, 2020

Nobody has gotten sick from grocery store deli with Hep A-infected workers. Thousands have gotten the Hep A vaccine, Public Health says;; January 7, 2020

Case of Hepatitis A confirmed at Oakville restaurant;; January 7, 2020

Food safety alert for romaine lettuce continues into new year Romaine Lettuce Recall what you need to know;; January 6, 2020

Loblaws assures customers they are taking hep A infection at Superstore very seriously. No evidence anyone who ate food from the store has been infected, says health unit.;; January 3, 2020

Are we there yet? Where are we going in 2020;; January 2, 2020

Second hep A case confirmed in deli worker in Sudbury Health unit offers vaccine to more people;; January 2, 2020

Help prevent illness with these food safety tips;; January 1, 2020

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 2 restaurants closed, 21 get conditional passes;; December 31, 2019

A new era of disease resistant cattle for smarter food safety;; December 30, 2019

Sask. restaurants had 31,700 health violations in 3 years, but 0 fines were issued CBC News analyzed inspection reports from more than 4,000 restaurants;; December 30, 2019

Publisher’s Platform: Wise words from Barfblog — What is the one food you will not eat? Raw sprouts tops the list, always;; December 29, 2019

Produce suppliers face new food safety requirements in Canada;; December 24, 2019

Jerusalem Shawarma rolls out mandatory staff sick leave following norovirus outbreak;; December 24, 2019

Food scientists say do notwash the turkey. Here is why.;
CBC News; December 23, 2019

Our world view of 2019’s Top 10 food safety stories;
Dan Flynn Food Safety News; December 23, 2019

Safest way to prepare a turkey? U of G food expert says many cookbooks offer bad advice Is homemade eggnog safe? How long are turkey leftovers good for? Raw cookie dough?;; December 20, 2019

Your family will suffer if you don\\\'t properly cook that turkey;
Chris Campbell / Burnaby Now; December 19, 2019

138 with E. coli linked to Salinas Romaine – 72 in hospital – 13 with kidney failure;
Foodborne Illness Outbreaks; December 19, 2019

Bagged salad recalls highlight bacterial risks of prepped produce; (Canadian Press); December 17, 2019

Farm-to-Fork Transparency: How Digitized Labeling Can Prevent a Major Allergen Recall;; December 17, 2019

Are outbreaks involving fresh produce, including romaine lettuce, on the rise?;; December 17, 2019

Fresh Express Sunflower Crisp Salad E. coli Outbreak in Canada Updated;; December 13, 2019

FDA identifies common grower in romaine E coli outbreaks;; December 13, 2019

Cookie season in the midst of flour recalls;; December 13, 2019

The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Change their Food Premises Regulations to Include Manadatory Food Safety Training effective May 1, 2020;; December 13, 2019

DINE SAFE PEEL: Three Mississauga restaurants given warnings by Peel Health inspectors;; December 12, 2019

10 Ontarians Have Contracted E. coli After Eating A Popular Chopped Salad Kit. So much for eating your greens!;; December 9, 2019

Greenhouse might be key ingredient in safer salads;; December 9, 2019

B.C. company and owner fined and on probation for importing bad fish to U.S.;; December 7, 2019

Talking food safety in Guelph with manager of health protection 14 inspectors, 1,300 establishments, and 2,600 hundred inspections — it's all in a year's work for public healthby Jonathan Duncan;; December 7, 2019

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Essentials;; December 6, 2019

Sobeys halts sale of romaine lettuce after E. coli warning;; December 6, 2019

Chipotle enforces sick policy, reports no food safety issues since 2017;; December 5, 2019

Mise en garde à la population - Avis de ne pas consommer différentes tapenades maison vendues par lentreprise Pizzeria Morso TM Mtl Central;; December 4, 2019

Recall issued on homemade tapenades sold by Montreal pizzeria;; December 4, 2019

CFIA cancels licences of 3 companies in massive meat recall;; December 2, 2019

Pocket-sized DNA sequencers could soon stop food-borne pathogen outbreaks as soon as they start With new and improving technology, catching the annual romaine lettuce outbreak could get a lot easier;; December 1, 2019

Canadians cautioned amidst U.S. romaine lettuce recall;; November 28, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 23 restaurants get conditional pass this week;
toronto.,com; November 27, 2019

Do Not Eat Romaine Lettuce. Experts Advise The FDA announced that it is likely the source of a recent E. coli outbreak, and CR says consumers should not take any chances;
consumerreports.corg; November 26, 2019

E. coli outbreak over in N.L., says Department of Health;; November 26, 2019

Markham high school among 5 food premises charged Restaurants in Whitchurch-Stouffville and Markham were charged by York Region public health inspectors Nov. 18 to 24;; November 25, 2019


Professor urges conservation and innovation to stop antibiotic-resistant superbugs;; November 24, 2019

2 in 3 Americans Throw Away Money on This 1 Thing;; November 24, 2019

Canadians urged to check their romaine as officials confirm E. coli case;; November 23, 2019

In the last 3 years Romaine Lettuce has caused hundreds of illness in the United States and Canada due to E. coli O157:H7;; November 23, 2019

Éclosion d'infection à E. coli associée à la laitue romaine provenant de Salinas;; November 23, 2019

One year later: Leafy greens tested for recall-causing bacteria;; November 18, 2019

Farm Boy brand cheese balls recalled;; November 18, 2019

Three ways climate change can increase food-borne illnesses How climate change could increase the rise of food-borne illnesses; by Jackie Dunham; November 15, 2019

Three ways climate change can increase food-borne illnesses How climate change could increase the rise of food-borne illnesses; by Jackie Kunham; November 15, 2019

Rappel de homard et de crabe en saumure;; November 13, 2019

Roach-Infested Calgary Restaurant Shuts Down After A Horrifying Health Inspection; Live and dead cockroaches were just the beginning of what was found.;; November 12, 2019

Protecting flour from pathogens: Agri-Neo unveils “first-of-its kind” organic technology;; November 5, 2019

What will restaurants look like in 2030? Association expects disruption, but industry sales to reach $1.2 trillion by end of decade;; November 5, 2019

Why climate change is increasing the frequency of food-borne illnesses;; November 4, 2019

CFIA recalls Compliments brand vegetable products because of listeria risk;; November 3, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 21 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; October 31, 2019

GMOs: How does it feel to be a human guinea pig?;; October 31, 2019

Canadian officials remain mum on details about beef investigation amidst 21st recall;; October 30, 2019

Listeria strain discovered which may present new food safety threat;; October 30, 2019

Health inspectors swoop in to halt student-run samosa sales at McGill;; October 29, 2019

Canadian supermarket chain adopts new Egg Quality Assurance scheme;; October 29, 2019

P.E.I. bakery hit with warning letter from health department;; October 28, 2019

Sobeys eyes an even smarter shopping cart;; October 28, 2019

Food destroyed at several restaurants in same plaza after health infractions;; October 24, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 restaurant closed, 11 given conditional passes this week;; October 23, 2019

More fresh food means more food safety headaches;; October 23, 2019

E. coli superbug spreading by poor toilet hygiene, not through food;; October 23, 2019

More Beef Products Pulled Off Shelves Due To E. Coli Risk The products have been pulled off shelves at Whole Foods, Walmart and other retailers.;; October 20, 2019

Seafood fraud abounds in Halifax and across the country, according to new survey;; October 17, 2019

Why have there been so many meat recalls in Canada?;; October 16, 2019

So-called plastic rice could have been the real deal, but stored for a decade;; October 15, 2019

Exploring the technology of food safety culture with FDA’s Yiannas;; October 14, 2019

We do get into conflicts: When a food inspector makes a surprise visit to a restaurant;; October 13, 2019

24 now sick from shiga-toxin producing E. coli in Newfoundland and Labrador;; October 13, 2019

Bad meat may have been shipped to Sudbury retailer;; October 10, 2019

Infant formula recalled Canada-wide after possible Cronobacter contamination;; October 7, 2019

Is the Maple Leaf Foods case hysteria over listeria? The Supreme Court will decide how far down a supply chain manufacturers should owe a duty of care;; October 7, 2019

Bactérie Cronobacter: rappel d’une poudre à base de lait pour nourrissons;; October 7, 2019

Beef products sold in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario recalled due to possible E. coli contamination CBC News has reached out to The Beef Boutique for comment.;; October 6, 2019

Province warns Newfoundland and Labrador residents of E. coli outbreak;; October 4, 2019

Rise in salmonella cases has Health Canada concerned about Thanksgiving dinner;; October 4, 2019

Toronto meat packer recalling beef, veal products over E. Coli concerns: CFIA;; October 2, 2019

Student blames E. coli for food poisoning outbreak at MUN;; October 2, 2019

Listeria illnesses investigated amid expanding chicken recalls;; October 2, 2019

The Crown: Queen Elizabeth’s staff follows serious (not so much) food poisoning protocol;; October 1, 2019

One person dead in year-long Canada-wide salmonella outbreak;
; October 1, 2019

Shurley not: Food safety education of employees and the public;; September 28, 2019

Updated Food Recall Warning - Randsland brand Super Salad Kit and Randsland brand Kale recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes;; September 25, 2019

Food insecurity grows as oceans warm, ice sheets melt, says U of A researcher;; September 25, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 restaurant closed, 9 given conditional pass this week;; September 25, 2019

How Canadian investigators use DNA to track down contaminated food;; September 21, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 22 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; September 19, 2019

Food safety tips for poultry;; September 17, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Food Allergies;; September 17, 2019

Food safety myth busters;; September 14, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 15 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; September 11, 2019

Hepatitis A found in food handler; Alberta health officials issue public alert;; September 9, 2019

Richmond Hill, Markham restaurants charged with food premises infractions York Region public health inspectors charged Persia Bakery & Kabob and Hong King Chicken Sept. 2 to 8;; September 9, 2019

A new way to identify Norovirus in food - A Finnish researcher has suggested a new method for rapid detection of human noroviruses (HuNoVs) in food.;; September 6, 2019

TrainCan thinks that’s August / September issue has some very interesting articles and suggests you check them out!;; September 4, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 restaurant closed, 11 given conditional passes this week;; September 4, 2019

CFIA staffing still varies, but its no longer an issue; by Dan Flynn; September 3, 2019

Health inspectors close Markham karaoke restaurant, charge 3 Food premises in Markham, Vaughan, and Whitchurch-Stouffville charged July 29 to Aug. 4;; September 3, 2019

Can a smartphone stop a norovirus outbreak?;; August 31, 2019

Toronto board of health says shortfall from Ford government cuts is $4 million in 2020; by Francine Kopun; August 30, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 25 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; August 28, 2019

Nunavut moves towards online health inspection reports, but legislation lags “It is time for Nunavut to meet national standards”;; August 28, 2019

Canada expands U.S. chicken product recall but U.S. health agency hasn't identified any sources of Listeria outbreak;
Craig Takeuchi -; August 26, 2019

Listeria outbreak in U.S. could be related to Canadian illnesses;; August 24, 2019

Guerre aux bactéries dans les boîtes à lunch!;; August 23, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 14 restaurants cited for food violations this week;; August 21, 2019

Listeria outbreak in Canada linked to frozen chicken; recall underway;; August 19, 2019

Cooked chicken recalled across Canada due to risk of Listeria: CFIA;; August 19, 2019

Recall For Heinz Turkey Baby Stew In 5 Provinces;
huffingtonpost; August 17, 2019

As EpiPen Shortage Drags On, Alternatives Gain Ground;; August 16, 2019

Police investigating reports of infant formula tampering at 2 Edmonton Walmart stores;; August 16, 2019

Change to the Food Recall Warning Email Notification Services list for Mustard / Changement à la liste pour la moutarde des Services avis de rappel;aliments par courriel;
CFIAMaster@INSPECTION.GC.CA; August 15, 2019

Critics warn of totally unacceptable risk to humans after meat from 21 tainted elk herds enters food supply. Doctors are calling for the federal government to implement stricter regulations;; August 15, 2019

CFIA warns of potential tampering of infant formula products in Edmonton;; August 14, 2019

How long does it actually take to get food poisoning?;; August 14, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 restaurant closed, 14 given conditional pass this week;; August 14, 2019

Consumers need wake-up call about potential dangers of flour;; August 12, 2019

Can Recalls Become a Thing of the Past?;; August 12, 2019

Soap doesn’t kill anything: How to hand wash your dishes and spread fewer germs;; August 6, 2019

Food safety is not simple;; August 1, 2019

Deer meat from diseased herd was allowed into Canadian food system;; July 31, 2019

Sobeys Is Canada is First Grocery Store Chain To Eliminate Plastic Bags and People Are Thrilled Reusable mesh bags will be available!;; July 31, 2019

Sobeys Is Canada\'s First Grocery Store Chain To Eliminate Plastic Bags & People Are Thrilled Reusable mesh bags will be available!;; July 31, 2019

Never Ever Ask for Lemon Wedge in Your Drink at Restaurants, Here’s Why It’s a Bad Idea;; July 30, 2019

You get what you pay for; Beekeepers encourage consumers to buy local honey;; July 28, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 15 restaurants get conditional passes this week;; July 24, 2019

Salmonella contamination risk prompts recall of tea sold in B.C. Tea recalled in B.C.;; July 24, 2019

7 tips for creating a meaningful food safety program;; July 24, 2019

7 tips for creating a meaningful food safety program;; July 24, 2019

Researchers find animals in salad discoveries not as rare as believed;; July 23, 2019

One in three oyster samples contaminated with norovirus;; July 23, 2019

One in three oyster samples contaminated with norovirus;; July 23, 2019

Step by step, program by program, food safety leaders in government plan to make a difference;; July 23, 2019

Large rat filmed inside fridge at a 7-Eleven store in East Vancouver;; July 21, 2019

Oysters Recalled In Parts Of Canada Due To Toxins That Can Cause Paralysis. The recalled product was sold in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta.;; July 20, 2019

Possible Hep A exposure at Barrie eatery;; July 20, 2019

Possible Hep A exposure at Barrie eatery;; July 20, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 23 restaurants cited for food violations this week;; July 18, 2019

Ground Bison Recalled In Canada For E. coli O121 and O103;; July 18, 2019

Listeria risk from recalled packaged kale highlights pathogen\'s challenge;; July 17, 2019

Tim Hortons to Open Innovation Café in Toronto;; July 16, 2019

Officials flagged 900 food items from China with ‘problems’ over two years;
; July 14, 2019

How Bad Is It Really to Eat Week-Old Leftovers?;; July 13, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 14 restaurants cited for food violations this week;; July 10, 2019

DINE SAFE YORK: 4 venues charged by York Region health officials;; July 10, 2019

CFIA issues food recall warning of Eat Smart salad product over Listeria concerns Eat Smart sweet kale salad bag;
; July 9, 2019

The Need for a Glove-Use Management System in Retail Foodservice;; July 8, 2019

Raw milk cheese recalled because of risk of Listeria monocytogenes;; July 8, 2019

Information Update - Health Canada reminds Canadians of food safety tips for shopping at farmers' markets Français;; July 2, 2019

Study: Here’s Why Consumers Don’t Use Thermometers When Cooking;; July 1, 2019

Canada: Don't Be Confused by Best Before and Packaging Dates;; June 26, 2019

Deer meat from contaminated Quebec farm released for human consumption;; June 22, 2019

Government of Canada consults with Canadians on important changes to Canada's food labelling system;; June 21, 2019

DINE SAFE YORK: Busy week for York Region health inspectors Markham eatery closed, facilities in Newmarket, Sharon, Markham charged;; June 20, 2019

McDonald’s Canada Launches Green Concept Restaurants;; June 19, 2019

Restaurant workers need to be efficiently trained on food allergens to avoid health hazards;; June 17, 2019

Confirmed hepatitis A case in food handler prompts public alert;; June 17, 2019

Meal preppers take note: USDA says leftover food only safe for 3 to 4 days after cooking;; June 14, 2019

Last summer’s outbreaks turn attention to cyclosporiasis;
fo; June 13, 2019

DINE SAFE YORK: Health inspectors serve up single charge in Markham One Markham facility cited by York Region authorities;; June 12, 2019

Years in the making, FDA will publish a list of “high-risk” foods. The goal is to reduce food poisoning outbreaks—possibly with a bit of public shaming.;; June 11, 2019

Managing food safety at Nestlé Food allergy prevention is front and center;; June 10, 2019

Salmonella Fast Facts;
CNN NEWS; June 10, 2019

Recall on raspberry products sold in Quebec because of likely norovirus risk;; June 10, 2019

WENDY ELLIOTT: Health Canada should be protecting us;; June 9, 2019

Audit flags risk of 'food-related health event' in Canadian prisons. Correctional Service Canada criticized after moving to centralized 'cook-chill' meal production process;; June 8, 2019

Raspberry Products Have Been Recalled in Quebec. Due To The Presence Of Virus Areas in particular that have been affected include Montreal and Montérégie.; by Alexandra Toutant; June 7, 2019

'Food safety, everybody's business' - the first World Food Safety Day 2019;; June 7, 2019

Ecolab Launches Food Safety Culture Assessment to Help Improve Food Safety Behavior;; June 7, 2019

Researchers confirm pathogens in raw wheat, urge cautious use of raw flour;; June 7, 2019

Bactérie Cronobacter: rappel d’une poudre à base de lait pour nourrissons;; June 7, 2019

Bactérie Cronobacter: rappel d’une poudre à base de lait pour nourrissons;; June 7, 2019

Bactérie Cronobacter: rappel d’une poudre à base de lait pour nourrissons;; June 7, 2019

Alberta health agency closes down Chinese restaurant infested with cockroaches;; June 6, 2019

Sysco Corporation Joins the Partnership for Food Safety Education;; June 5, 2019

Warning: Food Recall Issued For Chocolate Pastries Sold In Ontario And Quebec They are often sold in grocery stores like IGA.; by Lena Slanisky; June 5, 2019

Norovirus: rappel de gâteaux au chocolat et aux framboises;; June 5, 2019

5 ways to fight food fraud - These labelling tactics could help curb problems of food fraud worldwide.;; June 3, 2019

Are you ready for World Food Safety Day?;; June 3, 2019

New Food Labeling Guidelines Proposed in Canada;; May 31, 2019

salmonella outbreak linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products and frozen chicken;; May 29, 2019

DINE SAFE TORONTO: 1 closure, 13 conditional passes for restaurants this week;; May 29, 2019

Chick-fil-A taps AI to identify food safety issues;; May 28, 2019

New outbreak underway despite Canada’s new rules for frozen chicken;; May 27, 2019

What does "best if used by" on packaged food really mean?;; May 24, 2019

Listeria test results prompts recall of microgreens;; May 23, 2019

Cookbooks won't teach you how to handle food safely, Guelph study says;; May 22, 2019

How to celebrate food safety to make a greater impact on your brand;; May 21, 2019

How climate change could make your food less safe to eat;; May 15, 2019

Fresh Catch: White Spot Presented With Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Honour at the 2019 Where To Dine Vancouver Awards;; May 14, 2019

Viral photos of exposed chicken lead to food inspection at Dartmouth restaurant;; May 13, 2019

Ontario public health cuts will endanger the public;; May 13, 2019

Food Safety Myths: The Truth and the Rumors;; May 13, 2019

'Something has to change': Parents speak out after 2-year-old's E. coli-linked death;
; May 4, 2019

CFIA now empowered to levy food safety fines of up to $15,000;; May 2, 2019

These are the most common food-borne illnesses and what foods carry them;; May 2, 2019

Government of Canada announces new Administrative Monetary Penalties for companies that break federal food safety rules;; May 1, 2019

Canada received cheese linked to E. coli outbreak in France;; May 1, 2019

Montreal's La Fromagerie Hamel recalls cheese due to possible E. coli contamination;; April 30, 2019

Ten food safety mistakes that could lead to a repeat of the romaine debacle;; April 29, 2019

73 with Salmonella Enteritidis in Canada linked to Profiteroles and Eclairs – 2 Dead;; April 27, 2019

MISE À JOUR - Avis de santé publique - Éclosion d'infections à Salmonella reliée à des profiteroles (choux à la crème) classic/classiques et à saveur de lait de poule et à des mini-éclairs au chocolat congelés de marque Celebrate;; April 27, 2019

Chipotle Served Subpoena from Food-Safety Incident;; April 26, 2019

Foodborne Illness is On the Rise, Says CDC;
; April 26, 2019

Pea Shoots Recalled in Canada For Possible Listeria Monocytogenes;
foodpoisoning; April 22, 2019

Montreal Restaurants Will Be Required to Put Health Inspection Results in Their Windows A motion for the change easily passed at City Hall;; April 17, 2019

Where does the food industry stand on romaine lettuce?;; April 15, 2019

Metro grocery stores in Quebec will allow customers to shop with reusable containers;; April 15, 2019

Concern growing over Toronto Public Health's fate as province slashes $200M from local health units;; April 12, 2019

Officials probe cause as dozens sickened after Strathroy club's dinner;; April 10, 2019

City opposition wants Montreal restaurants to publicly display inspection ratings;; April 6, 2019

Source unknown: B.C. among six provinces seeing enduring salmonella outbreak 63 confirmed cases since November 2018 with two related deaths;; April 5, 2019

Les autorités enquêtent sur une éclosion de salmonellose dans six provinces;; April 5, 2019

CFIA says it will set cap on arsenic in food, like baby cereal; (The Canadian Press); April 4, 2019

New regulations for frozen breaded chicken aim to reduce salmonella cases;; March 31, 2019

Sweden has figured out how to keep food free of salmonella. Why can't Canada?;; March 30, 2019

Emails show FDA worry after romaine outbreaks; (The Associated Press); March 29, 2019

3 dead, 92 hospitalized, 555 sick from raw chicken thingies in Canada;; March 25, 2019

Over 550 Chicken-Related Salmonella Cases Confirmed By Health Canada In Just 2 Years;; March 25, 2019

Not dead yet: Future of;; March 16, 2019

Shrimp containing antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Canadian grocery stores;; March 15, 2019

Raw frozen breaded chicken blamed for two more Salmonella outbreaks in Canada;; March 3, 2019

Customers flag bottled water smelling of 'old socks' and 'urine,' but CFIA says it poses no health risk;; March 3, 2019

Recall issued for brewer’s yeast sold at Peterborough and Lindsay stores;; February 28, 2019

Researchers Find 14% of Sausages Mislabelled in Canada, Down from Last University of Guelph Study;; February 26, 2019

Eat Smart brand Sweet Kale Salad Bags recalled for possible Listeria contamination;; February 17, 2019

Six-month old Salmonella outbreak from raw turkey continues to expand;; February 16, 2019

She's no Churchill: ‘Scrape the mould off’ Theresa May’s unusual advice horrifies Brits;; February 15, 2019

Researchers find 14 percent of sausages mislabelled in Canada, down from last study;; February 14, 2019

FDA Releases Overview of the Latest Romaine Lettuce E. coli Outbreak;; February 14, 2019

Food safety culture and Fonzie;; February 13, 2019

Fishy business: Researchers found that a third of the fish sold in Canada is mislabelled;; February 7, 2019

SCOC to hear food recall class action by Mr. Sub franchisees against Maple Leaf;; February 7, 2019

When it starts to fall apart it really falls apart: McCain Foods closes California facility responsible for 2018’s largest food safety recall;; February 6, 2019

How Did Salmonella Bacteria Get Their Name?;; February 6, 2019

CFIA cracking down on olive oil after bad European olive harvest;; February 6, 2019

Just cook it doesn’t cut it: Salmonella in veal liver, Quebec;; February 5, 2019

Public was never told: 4 dead, 30 sickened from Listeria in pasteurized chocolate milk in Ontario, Nov. 2015—June 2016;; February 4, 2019

Health Canada Is Warning Of A Second Dangerous Salmonella Outbreak In Canada;; February 2, 2019

How did leftover spaghetti kill a healthy 20-year-old?;; February 2, 2019

Chipotle Hires New Food Safety VP;; January 31, 2019

54 Canadians sickened by Salmonella outbreak linked to raw breaded chicken;; January 26, 2019

New Study Finds Canadian Cookbooks Don’t Provide Food Safety Info;; January 25, 2019

'Ghost kitchen': How a plain storefront hides more than a dozen delivery restaurants;; January 25, 2019

Food safety expert confirms double-dipping is not okay, even worse than five-second rule;; January 21, 2019

Canada relaxes rules for U.S. romaine imports;; January 21, 2019

Health Risks Rise As Shutdown Hits Second Month;; January 21, 2019

More than half of food produced in Canada goes to waste - Food loss, waste costing billions while people go hungry in Canada;; January 20, 2019


Les origines de la contamination alimentaire. Faut-il s'inquiéter de ce qui atterrit sur nos tables?;; January 19, 2019

How Henry Heinz used ketchup to improve food safety;; January 17, 2019

Partial U.S. government shutdown could impact food safety in Canada;; January 17, 2019

Saskatchewan experts on new regulations aimed at making food safer;; January 15, 2019

New app provides food establishment health inspection reports;
global; January 15, 2019

U.S. lettuce industry, wary of E. coli, wants FDA back on the job;
washingtonpost; January 15, 2019

Changes to food safety regulations have small businesses concerned;
cbc; January 13, 2019

ICYMI: Early draft of Health Canada Food Guide debuted, viral pig disease found in Alberta and more Here are six things you might have missed in food news this week;; January 12, 2019


Robots and humans must work collaboratively to make our foods safer;; January 11, 2019

Check a restaurant's health violations with this app;
ctvnews; January 11, 2019

Scientists in India figure out how Salmonella infect plants;
barfblog; January 11, 2019

The romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak is officially over The CDC says 62 people were sickened in this outbreak, plus 29 in Canada.;; January 9, 2019

About 30 restaurants closed by Manitoba Public Health in 2018;; January 8, 2019

DINE SAFE PEEL: Five establishments given conditional passes by Peel Health;; January 8, 2019

Study: Some Adults Falsely Believe They Have Food Allergies;; January 7, 2019

Calgary Booster Juice was using countertop cleaner to wash fruits and veggies;; January 6, 2019

Food safety at universities;; January 6, 2019

E.coli linked to Santa Maria company recalling additional produce;; January 4, 2019

Quels sont les restaurants les plus souvent mis à l'amende à Montréal et pourquoi?;; January 4, 2019

Préparation pour gâteau ou « traumatisme spirituel » ?;; January 4, 2019

Here are the Montreal restaurants with the most health violations in the last 3 years;; January 3, 2019

Ces 44 restaurants au Québec ont reçu des amendes pour malpropreté en 2018;; January 3, 2019

Norovirus outbreak at Vancouver Island hospital;; January 3, 2019

Citing 'spiritual trauma,’ judge orders company to pay $25K for misrepresenting cake mix as kosher;; January 2, 2019

Vancouver restaurant at centre of 'rat soup' controversy says incident didn't happen;; January 1, 2019

Details will differ, but one thing’s for sure — 2019 will have food safety headlines;; January 1, 2019

FDA says wash those avocados;; December 31, 2018

Vancouver Coastal Health looking into video of rat allegedly found in bowl of chowder at restaurant;; December 28, 2018

2018 wasn't kind to salad lovers; by Laura Brehaut; December 27, 2018

Eat Smart Salad Shake Ups Recall for Listeria Updated in Canada;; December 26, 2018

Public Health Notice - Outbreak of E. coli infections linked to romaine lettuce;; December 24, 2018

Insects in your food? Don't let it bug you, says Marine Institute instructor;; December 23, 2018

Sorry Canada, we sent you Salmonella – Tainted Chicken and Turkey;; December 22, 2018

Top 10 food safety stories of 2018;; December 22, 2018

CFIA announces recall of some types of cauliflower, lettuce due to E. coli;; December 18, 2018

Australian scientists discover how to fight Bacillus cereus bacteria;; December 18, 2018

Why Restaurants Must Adopt a Food Safety Culture;; December 10, 2018

When is a potato washer not a potato washer? When it’s washing cantaloupes;; December 9, 2018

Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce or kale?;; December 7, 2018

How a good food safety program can control norovirus;; December 7, 2018

Listeria finding prompts nationwide recall of kale salad in Canada;; December 5, 2018

Is there a way to keep E. coli out of romaine lettuce? Made-in-Canada cattle vaccine to reduce E. coli O157 not being used;; December 3, 2018

Food for thought – Why you need to know what you're eating;; December 2, 2018

Salmonella outbreak tied to cucumbers slowing; investigation continues;; November 29, 2018

Repeat outbreaks pressure produce industry to step up safety;; November 29, 2018

Romaine expected in stores soon; new labels with date, field information coming;; November 27, 2018

Romaine lettuce scare has Montreal clients turning to local greenhouses;; November 27, 2018

Romaine pain: In light of E. coli scare, farmer lauds P.E.I. leafy greens;; November 26, 2018

Romaine makes more Canadians ill as government says this is not going to be easy;; November 24, 2018

Feds paid Facebook $40,000 for ad showing how to cook chicken nuggets;; November 23, 2018

Canadian researchers invent quick test for E. coli in food New device tests for E. coli contamination;; November 22, 2018

Why romaine has a greater E. coli risk than other lettuces;; November 22, 2018

Public Health says it’s not safe to eat romaine lettuce in Ontario and Quebec. So why isn’t it being recalled?;; November 21, 2018

Les autorités demandent de ne plus consommer de laitue romaine Éclosion d'infections à E. coli;; November 20, 2018

Canadians Regulations come into force;; November 15, 2018

5 people became sick between August and October: BCCDC;; November 13, 2018

Une souris vivante dans un sac de pain;; November 9, 2018

'So gross': Hamilton mom disgusted after live mouse found in bag of bread;; November 9, 2018

P.E.I. health inspectors issue warning letters to 10 food premise establishments;; November 9, 2018

Do you actually know what's for dinner tonight? We are all victims of food fraud;; November 8, 2018

Risk of E. coli, Listeria spurs warning about Polonia Sausage House products;; November 7, 2018

All-you-can-eat food packaging could soon be on the menu;; November 7, 2018

'It looked disgusting': Toronto man complains of 'unsanitary' meat storage at Real Canadian Superstore;; November 5, 2018

There’s a magic number when cooking beef — and it’s 71 C;; November 5, 2018

Canada confirms more infections in outbreaks linked to frozen chicken;; November 2, 2018

Public Health Notice - Outbreak of Salmonella infections possibly linked to long English cucumbers;; November 2, 2018

‘We can effectively eliminate recalls’: Clear Labs eyes $100bn food safety opportunity;; November 2, 2018

How Tech Could Fix the Food Safety Crisis;; November 1, 2018

Food recalls: Some of the weird stuff that ends up in what we eat;; October 31, 2018

Sesame Could be Added to U.S. Food Labels as a Major Allergen;; October 30, 2018

Dining Destination Europea Slapped With Fines for Dead Rat and More To the tune of nearly $3,000;; October 30, 2018

Keith Warriner awarded for efforts;
barfblog; October 28, 2018

Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers recalled across Canada after salmonella outbreak; by Jessica Vomiero; October 27, 2018

Un rat mort dans le restaurant chic de Jerôme Ferrer Le restaurant Europea écope de 2900 $ d’amendes;; October 27, 2018

Three Reasons your Restaurant Needs to Take Food Safety Seriously;; October 23, 2018

Cucumbers may be the reason for this salmonella outbreak, according to officials;; October 22, 2018

Health officials investigate salmonella outbreak that may be linked to cucumbers;
The Canadian Press; October 20, 2018

FDA food safety chief Ostroff to retire and be replaced by Walmart's Yiannas;; October 19, 2018

Éclosion d'infections de la salmonellose: 45 Canadiens ont été malades, dont un Québécois;; October 19, 2018

Effects of Millennials on Culinary Food Safety;; October 15, 2018

Canada’s top food safety agency reports on strategic progres;; October 15, 2018

Fishy business: Fighting fish and seafood fraud with digital traceability systems;; October 10, 2018

Various Sobeys vegetable products recalled due to risk of Listeria contamination;
THE CANADIAN PRESS; October 5, 2018

USA - Listeria illnesses spurs recall of ready-to-eat ham products; one person dead;
Food Safety News; October 4, 2018

USA - JBS in massive beef recall over 16-state Salmonella outbreak with 57 illnesses;
Food Safety News - By Dan Flynn; October 4, 2018

A Red Deer restaurant is among four in central Alberta currently closed for breaches of Alberta’s Public Health Act.;; October 4, 2018

Canadians say companies should be responsible for food safety: CFIA;; October 4, 2018

Advancing Food Safety and Trust - Maple Leaf Foods Hosts 10th Annual Food Safety Symposium;
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Oct 03, 2018, 07:30 ET; October 3, 2018

Cutting salt, sugar and plastics is great. But beware the potential food safety risks;
Chris Elliott, The Grocer; October 3, 2018

Loblaw recalls $10 Chicken Fries amid salmonella outbreak;; October 2, 2018

New U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal maintains status quo on food safety;; October 2, 2018

Canadian restaurant chain suffers country-wide outage after malware outbreak Some restaurant locations were temporarily shut down due to the IT outage, others continued to serve customers.;; October 2, 2018

How Restaurants Are Using Big Data as a Competitive Tool;
The Wall Street Journal; October 2, 2018

Vegetable products recalled over plastic packaging concerns;
The Canadian Press; October 1, 2018

Food safety warning issued for Côte St-Luc restaurant Ernie and Ellie's;
MONTREAL GAZETTE Updated: September 30, 2018; October 1, 2018

Walmart fined $20K for selling contaminated food after Fort McMurray wildfire;
The Canadian Press by Ryan Remiorz; October 1, 2018

Gen Z in the Workplace;; October 1, 2018

All The Restaurants That Have Failed Health Inspections By The City Of Montreal In 2018;
@Anan Punyod |; September 30, 2018

Richmond Oval café allowed to reopen after health infraction The restaurant was ordered closed on Tuesday due to signs of rodents.;
Megan Devlin / Richmond News; September 30, 2018

How to stop food sabotage;
Posted by Doug Powell on 09/21/2018 from Barfblog; September 28, 2018

419 sick with Salmonella from raw frozen chicken thingies in Canada since June 2017;
Posted by Doug Powell on 09/21/2018 from Barfblog; September 28, 2018

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations;
NSF Canada - September 25, 2018; September 28, 2018

Health inspection closes downtown Edmonton restaurant for second time - Urban China Restaurant ordered to close Sept. 18, following previous closure on Aug. 30;; September 25, 2018

Walmart Has a New Way to Track E. Coli Contaminated Foods, and of Course It Involves the Blockchain;; September 24, 2018

Listeria risk: Belleisle Foods initiates recall of coleslaw;; September 21, 2018

Consumer attitudes to 'best before' dates contribute to food waste, UQAM study finds;; September 20, 2018

Oyster Recall Has Just Been Issued Across Canada Due To Salmonella Contamination Contamination was first confirmed across Quebec.; by Sarah Lombardo; September 18, 2018

Nationwide salmonella scare prompts Nunavut public health alert Most breaded chicken products can cause salmonella; chili powder also fingered;; September 17, 2018

Inadequate Cooking and Handling Partly to Blame for Persistent Salmonella Illnesses in Canada;; September 14, 2018

Canada’s Chief Medical Officers of Health raising alarm on food safety: Salmonella + chicken products.;; September 13, 2018

Salmonella safeguards stressed as number of national outbreaks in Canada hits a dozen since 2017;; September 13, 2018

Food Safety Scares Are Up In 2018. Here's Why You Shouldn't Freak Out; by Allison Aubrey; September 10, 2018

Fresh lychees sold in B.C. recalled due to undeclared sulphites; by Craig Takeuchi; September 10, 2018

Salad kit recall expanded for Atlantic provinces;; September 9, 2018

Weed-killing chemical found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada: study;; September 9, 2018

Jet hand dryers 'aerosolise' E. coli and other harmful bugs, scientists warn; by Henry Bodkin; September 7, 2018

Food safety culture service launches for food manufacturers;
Food & Drink International:; September 5, 2018

September is national month for food safety;; September 5, 2018

Emergency EpiPen alternative priced for Canadian market at $170 each; by Nicole Ireland, Sept. 2, 2018; September 2, 2018

2 Major Food Recalls Have Been Announced Across Canada;; August 31, 2018

'Laxative of the sea’ being passed off as premium fish in Canada: new report; by Melanie Green; August 29, 2018

Restaurants Canada Takes Delivery to the Next Level with Exclusive Food Safety Technology;
Toronto, Aug. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE; August 28, 2018

E. Coli is good for you?;; August 28, 2018

Third E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Food Supplier for US Marine Corps - USA;
By Bill Marler on August 24, 2018 Food Poisoning Journal; August 26, 2018

The first step towards a food safety culture—staff training;
August 23, 2018 Andrew Joseph Food In Canada Magazine; August 24, 2018

Cannabis Edibles and Food Safety: Buy At Your Own Risk;
By Francine L. Shaw, Kimberly Stuck – Food Safety Tech August 23, 2018; August 24, 2018

Canada: Food Businesses Face Extensive New Requirements For Food Safety In Canada;
Article by Alice Tseng Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh; August 1, 2018

B.C. scientists develop affordable, hand-held tool for testing salmonella;
By MELANIE GREENStarMetro Vancouver; August 1, 2018

Pregnant mom served cleaning solution instead of latte at southern Alberta McDonald's;
Lara Fominoff • LethbridgenewsNOW • Posted; July 31, 2018

Do Canadians know enough about food safety? Federal survey says No;
Jordan Press / The Canadian Press; July 29, 2018

How Close Are We To A Cure For Food Allergies?;
Chatelaine; April 24, 2018

All the news just repeats itself: Leafy greens in public;
Barfblog; April 24, 2018

Scientist creates faster way to fingerprint foodborne pathogens;; April 23, 2018

No recall of romaine in Canada, but CFIA keeping tabs on E. coli outbreak in U.S.;; April 23, 2018

Raw is risky: Salmonella growth on sprouts and microgreens;
barfblog; April 22, 2018

A foodborne illness outbreak could cost a restaurant millions, study suggests;
barf blog; April 22, 2018

No excuses: eat your greens, and in Canada that includes Romaine;; April 21, 2018

One death likely linked to E. coli outbreak in Edmonton, health officials say;; April 20, 2018

Mouse poop confrontation permanently closes Saint John deli;; April 20, 2018

Health Canada food recalls issued for multiple lunch products sold in Newfoundland and Labrador;
The Telegram; April 19, 2018

A Long, Long History of Outbreaks Linked to Leafy Greens;; April 19, 2018

Norovirus outbreak in Canada — here’s what’s triggering the vomiting bug;; April 19, 2018

Case count in Canadian oyster norovirus outbreak doubles;; April 18, 2018

Tim Hortons to Move Head Office to Toronto;; April 17, 2018

People are sick: Frozen strawberries grown in Egypt recalled because of hep A in Canada;
Barfblog; April 17, 2018

Foodborne Illnesses and Recalls on the Rise;; April 12, 2018

Oyster farms in British Columbia closed due after norovirus outbreak;; April 12, 2018

Pfizer Canada and Health Canada have released new updates regarding the EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr supply constraints in Canada.;; April 12, 2018

Norovirus outbreak closes two British Columbia oyster farms;; April 10, 2018

Recall of pre-cooked roast beef spreads to additional provinces including Alberta, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador;
The Canadian Press; April 10, 2018

How a Wonky Tech Term Could Mean the End of Foodborne Illness;; April 10, 2018

HACCP Principle No. 7: Compliance requires the right records;; April 9, 2018

Updated Food Recall Warning - Deli Classic brand Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef Round recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes;; April 9, 2018

Canadian E. coli cases believed to have been caused by deer meat;
Barfblog; April 9, 2018

Spring thaw leaves Canadian crusaders steaming over poop;
Barfblog; April 9, 2018

Raw is risky: At least 40 sick linked to 2 Canadian oyster farms;
Barfblog; April 9, 2018

Making food safe without using chemicals;; April 8, 2018

Transparent patch designed to detect pathogens like E. coli in packaged foods;
The Canadian Press; April 6, 2018

Your milk is safe, Gerry Byrne tells consumers;; April 6, 2018

Most Canadians unaware of recent, major food recalls, survey finds;; April 5, 2018

Go ahead, bend your elbows for that morning fix: Coffee’s OK;; April 5, 2018

Most food-borne illnesses occur at home, but consumers don't feel responsible: study;
The Canadian Press; April 5, 2018

The Reality of Intentional Food Contamination Threats;; April 3, 2018

How Chefs with Food Allergies Are Raising the Food Safety Bar;; April 3, 2018

Masstown Market smoked fish under recall due to possible toxin;; April 2, 2018

Smoked fish products recalled in Canada; botulism possible;; March 31, 2018

'It's horrible': Woman who suffered E. coli poisoning wants Edmonton restaurant shut down;; March 30, 2018

E. coli in Tavistock Canada;
Barfblog; March 29, 2018

Salmonella outbreak from raw chicken products leads to 30 cases in Canada;; March 29, 2018

Runs to the border: People are still terrified to eat at Chipotle;
barfblog; March 29, 2018

Illnesses prompt testing, recall of deli roast beef in Canada;; March 28, 2018

Canada’s Salmonella investigation sparks chicken nugget recall;; March 28, 2018

Stewart Parnell gets new appellate attorney; seeks more time;; March 27, 2018

HACCP Principle No. 5: Establish, execute corrective actions;; March 26, 2018

Kids, kids, the FoodNet data is back;
Barfblog; March 26, 2018

Does the microwave zap food of its nutrients?;; March 25, 2018

Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak in Canada Linked to Poultry Sickens 30;; March 23, 2018

Patients at cancer center hit by Listeria from hospital deli;; March 23, 2018

Restaurants Canada - Alberta Budget provides no relief for struggling restaurateurs;; March 23, 2018

E. coli O157:H7 findings trigger multiple beef recalls in Canada;; March 23, 2018

AHS warns those who ate at Grey Nuns Hospital after worker diagnosed with hepatitis A;; March 22, 2018

Confirmed cases of vibrio cholerae on Vancouver Island linked to herring eggs;; March 22, 2018

Paramount Fine Foods recognized for their work with newcomers to Canada;; March 21, 2018

Advocate for Change to Establish a Food Safety Culture;; March 20, 2018

Ground beef for meal-kit company recalled after E. coli test;; March 19, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 4 Details matter — as does training;; March 19, 2018

Food poisoning is awful, and it is more common than you think. Why does it happen, and what can you do about it?;; March 19, 2018

30 sick from Salmonella linked to raw frozen chicken thingies in Canada;
barfblog; March 18, 2018

Publisher’s Platform: Free Advice to a Food Company CEO during a Listeria Outbreak – Specifically Tiger Brands – Enterprise CEO, Lawrence MacDougall;; March 17, 2018

Scientists may have new weapon to fight Listeria;; March 14, 2018

Norovirus is is a foodborne and person-to-person problem;
barfblog; March 14, 2018

The Government of Canada is working with the poultry industry to reduce the risk of Salmonella illness from frozen raw breaded chicken products;; March 13, 2018

Fruit flies can transfer foodborne pathogens;
barfblog; March 13, 2018

Rats, rodenticides and what’s right;; March 12, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 3 Set limits for critical control points;; March 12, 2018

Food safety culture leads sector challenges: GFSI;; March 12, 2018

The New Normal: Pinpointing Unusual Sources of Food Contamination;; March 12, 2018

Latest update: EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr auto-injector supply interruption;
Food Allergy Canada; March 9, 2018

Organic Mushroom Soup Recalled in Canada for Possible Botulism;; March 8, 2018

Here's the Best Way to Protect Yourself from a Norovirus Outbreak;; March 7, 2018

Soup sold at Belleville, Ontario farmers' market recalled;
barfblog; March 6, 2018

Still need a better descriptor: Cross-contamination and cutting boards;
Barfblog; March 6, 2018

How Easy are Your Food Safety Practices?;; March 6, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 2 identify critical control points;; March 5, 2018

A robot will be cooking your food at CaliBurger;
barfblog; March 5, 2018

Positive E. coli test in Sudbury drinking water found to be incorrect;; March 1, 2018

Canada feds pledge $175,000 for food safety and standards;; March 1, 2018

Ikea recalling marshmallow candies due to mice infestation;; February 28, 2018

Minimum wage hikes serving up uncertainty in food industry;; February 27, 2018

E. coli spread in cattle caused by water troughs;
barfblog; February 27, 2018

Cara Completes Merger with The Keg;; February 27, 2018

Toronto’s Cheesecake Factory passes health inspection after failing last week;; February 26, 2018

HACCP Principles: No. 1 conduct a hazard analysis;; February 26, 2018

Walmart, Loblaw, Metro recall popcorn in Canada; insects found;; February 21, 2018

MTY Provides Update on Pending Acquisition of Imvescor;
Kostuch Media Ltd.; February 21, 2018

Scientists urge regulators to revisit 60-day rule for raw gouda;; February 20, 2018

Please note the following updates regarding the supply of EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr in Canada.;
Food Allergy Canada; February 20, 2018

The Future of Food Safety for the Foodservice Industry;; February 20, 2018

New class of antibiotics may be capable of killing superbugs;
Barfblog; February 16, 2018

Congratulations Marler-Clark on 20 years of food safety advocacy;; February 15, 2018

MTY to acquire Timothy’s World Coffee and Mmmuffins;
Kostuch Media Ltd.; February 15, 2018

Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Food-Contact and Noncontact Surfaces by Antimicrobial Coatings;; February 14, 2018

Recall issued after Vancouver teen's allergic reaction to cookies with undeclared peanuts;; February 14, 2018

N.S. to hire environment prosecutor to 'hold people and companies accountable';
The Canadian Press; February 14, 2018

A New Approach to Solving the Problem of Sprout Safety;; February 14, 2018

Too Much Power to the People? A Food Safety Site Tests the Limits;; February 13, 2018

Hundreds of food safety violations cited at P.E.I. eateries since 2014;; February 12, 2018

Hosts on a viral planet: Ancient virus could be the reason humans can think;
Barfblog; February 12, 2018

Study Claims Rexall Place Has Worst Food Safety Record At Major Canadian Venues;; February 11, 2018

Peter Rabbit: Calls for Sony Pictures to apologise after food allergy 'bullying' scene in new movie;; February 11, 2018

Unhealthy batch of raspberries could possibly be why 100s of Quebecers have been sick final summer time, report says;; February 11, 2018

Concerns raised about young people’s poor food safety knowledge as the academic year begins, Australian version;
; February 8, 2018

Walmart’s Frank Yiannas identifies ‘mega trends’ for food safety professionals;; February 8, 2018

Biology is cool: How Salmonella die at low temps;
Barfblog; February 7, 2018

What Changed the Game for Food Defense?;; February 6, 2018

Journal of Food Protection Looks at 2013 Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Raw Milk Cheese in Canada;; February 6, 2018

Five years of data show bacteria-related food recalls increasing;; February 6, 2018

Chipotle has a plan to regain customers it keeps losing to food safety issues;; February 6, 2018

Hygiene hypothesis: We're not smart enough, but go ahead, the importance of infants' exposure to microorganisms;
Barfblog; February 6, 2018

Innovation Unleashed: RC Show 2018 reveals ground breaking products & technology;; February 5, 2018

Chipotle's brand perception is worse than during the 2015 food-safety crisis;; February 2, 2018

Trial date delayed in bad-clams case;; February 1, 2018

Effectiveness of flu shot under 20 per cent for dominant strain this season: experts;
The Canadian Press; February 1, 2018

Canadian inspectors find Listeria; Sawler recalls turnip sticks;; February 1, 2018

Health Canada recalls Farmers milk products after presence of sanitizer detected;; January 31, 2018

New report emerges detailing seafood mislabeling in Canada;; January 31, 2018

DINE SAFE PEEL: Peel Health hands out warnings to four establishments;; January 30, 2018

Canada recalls more frozen coconut linked to U.S. outbreak;; January 30, 2018

New research boosts food safety in artisanal meats;; January 30, 2018

Scientists discover how Giardia makes people ill;
Barfblog; January 29, 2018

HelloFresh recalls meal kits over potential salmonella contamination;; January 27, 2018

Most have clear vision for improving food safety – survey;; January 26, 2018

Circuit court denies all Peanut Corp. of America criminal appeals;; January 23, 2018

Peterborough Public Health investigating suspected case of food poisoning from Apsley school function;; January 22, 2018

How to keep your fresh produce safe to eat;; January 21, 2018

Chemical imaging technology to improve P.E.I. potato safety;; January 20, 2018

Small' hepatitis A risk for public after Saskatoon-area café worker handled food;
The Canadian Press; January 19, 2018

Foul-tasting Farmers milk investigated;; January 19, 2018

Global News investigates: Improper food handling ‘a time bomb waiting to happen’;; January 19, 2018

More Cases Of E-Coli Reported In the US;; January 17, 2018

Regina man says he found wood chips in soup purchased at Costco;; January 17, 2018

CDC says contaminated coconut could still be in homes, stores;; January 17, 2018

Inspectors found foreign workers sleeping in a Burger King basement: Alberta Health Services;
The Canadian Press; January 17, 2018

After the E. coli outbreak: How to minimize the risk of food poisoning;; January 14, 2018

8 pantry staples that expire sooner than you think;; January 13, 2018

Not on tap: 'Raw water' could transmit potentially deadly pathogens: experts warn;; January 12, 2018

Thunder Bay health unit says 1st year public food safety scores a success;; January 11, 2018

Too soon to blame romaine lettuce for E. coli outbreak, CDC says;; January 10, 2018

Court shuts down large raw milk co-op; advocate done fighting;; January 10, 2018

E. coli outbreak tied to romaine declared over in Canada;; January 10, 2018

Canada declares outbreak over; CDC, FDA still investigating;; January 10, 2018

Food Safety 101 – How to handle and defrost meat;; January 9, 2018

Foodservice workers should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A;; January 7, 2018

Costco recalls some Kirkland Signature croissants that may contain plastic;
The Canadian Press; January 6, 2018

Are you handling your food safely? One expert says probably not;; January 6, 2018

'When in doubt, throw it out,' what can you eat after a power outage;; January 5, 2018

The 9 Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick;; January 5, 2018

How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Food Poisoning From a Sketchy Meal?;; January 5, 2018

Risk of hepatitis from Safeway doughnuts low;; January 5, 2018

Stay away from romaine lettuce for now, consumer group warns;; January 4, 2018

Some restaurant chains stop serving romaine lettuce amid E. coli outbreak;
The Canadian Press; January 3, 2018

Sobeys pulls romaine lettuce off shelves amid E. coli outbreak;
The Canadian Press; January 3, 2018